I bought your 4-CD set on faith. I have listened to it, in the car many times. Some parts I keep replaying. It has grown my heart towards the faith that I have been given for which I’m to exercise and develop and walk in. I listen as I’m going on short or long trips, and I have to often stop the CD and think long and hard about a nugget—this happens often, this is why I continue to play them. The nuggets sometimes have me meditating for some time even up to weeks! At the moment I’m digesting “living” faith all the time, not just when I need supernatural assistance. God is growing our church in the area of faith at this time, so of course God wants His pastors to lead. There are several mountains in my life, but I am hacking away at each one via faith scriptures. As I continue to speak them out into the mountains, my faith is exercised, I “feel” more energized and the mountains are toppling. // Peta, Melbourne, Australia

You prayed over our son. He had been diagnosed with severe acid reflux and had been taking medicine for about two months to help reduce the ulcers that covered his stomach and esophagus. That night I took him off his medication because I knew that God had healed him. He hasn’t thrown up since that night.

That same night you prayed over me because my husband and I had been having problems getting pregnant.  I lost a child earlier last year. When you were praying I felt a release in my body, almost as if there was a clot or something that was washed out. The night you prayed over me was in early November and later that month my husband and I conceived our third child. I am due in August.

Thank you for using the gift that God enabled you with. I cannot thank you enough for praying over our family. Growing up in a Baptist denomination I was never exposed to the gift of healings until the night you prayed over our family. God gave me the faith to be open to that gift and once again I just want to thank you for allowing God to work through you. // North Carolina, USA